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Penn State Scandal: Joe Paterno Leads Cheers With Student Supporters

After his speech to fans waiting outside his window when thinking of the victims of former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky's alleged sexual abuse was an afterthought, Penn State head coach Joe Paterno left his house, supposedly to address the various media gathered outside.

Paterno said, "I want to say to the kids who were the victims, or whatever they want to say, I think we ought to say a prayer for them because they were ... tough life, when people do certain things to you, but anyway, you've been great." 

The students gathered on his lawn immediately cheered "We love you, Joe!" and broke out into a "Let Joe Stay!" chant, after which Paterno led them in a "We are Penn State" call and response cheer. Clearly a large amount of those in State College, Pa. would rather applaud Penn State football amid this scandal than question their fearless leader. Here's video of the event, via Along The Olentangy:

Joe addresses fans (via TDCFootball)

For more on the developing scandal, head to Penn State blog Black Shoe Diaries. Follow along here for updates on the Jerry Sandusky investigation.