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Graham Spanier Resigns As Penn State President

Penn State University President Graham Spanier has resigned in the wake of the numerous allegations of sexual abuse levied against former football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. The Penn State Board of Trustees met late Wednesday night and reports of Spanier's resignation came shortly after the session came to a close. Rumors of his resignation swirled throughout the day, with reports indicating Spanier had already handed in a former letter to the board indicating he would step down.

Spanier presided over the university at the time of the alleged abuse, and has been under fire since the grand jury report on Sandusky was released. Spanier was made aware of the claims against Sandusky in 2002, but failed to pass along the reports to the police, according to the grand jury testimony.

Rodney Erickson, the current Executive Vice President and Provost at Penn State, is Spanier's rumored replacement in the interim. We'll have more on the situation as it becomes available.

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