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Heisman Trophy 2011 Voting Results: Robert Griffin III Edges Andrew Luck

Robert Griffin III took home the 2011 Heisman Trophy, capping an impressive year at Baylor. Griffin came on strong to end the season, stringing together highlight reel plays and impressive stats throughout the year. He beat out Tyrann Mathieu, Trent Richardson, Andrew Luck and Montee Ball for the honor and was the first Baylor player to take home the Heisman.

Griffin III picked up 1,678 points to take college football's top individual honor. Griffin carried five of the six regions, with Luck taking the Far West. Luck finished second in the voting with 1,407 points. Trent Richardson finished a distant third, and Montee Ball and Tyrann Mathieu finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

The voting breakdown is as follows.

Robert Griffin III 1,678 points, 405 first-place votes
Andrew Luck 1,407 points, 247 first-place votes
Trent Richardson 978 points, 138 first-place votes
Montee Ball 348 points, 22 first-place votes
Tyrann Mathieu 327 points, 34 first-place votes

Matt Barkley finished sixth, Case Keenum was seventh, Kellen Moore was eighth, Russell Wilson was ninth and Lamichael James was 10th.

For more, stay tuned to our 2011 Heisman Trophy stream, and here are the year's other college football awards winners. For more on Baylor's first-ever Heisman Trophy, visit Baylor Bears blog Our Daily Bears.