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UCLA May Have Misunderstood Its Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Bid

The UCLA Bruins withheld living expenses checks from players who didn't participate in recent workouts, which were either voluntary or mandatory depending on who you asked (but which definitely came during finals week). Payments were made once the staff realized no checks meant no meals, shortly after players took to Twitter.

And take to Twitter they did, complaining of empty stomachs and brisk showers:

aramide olaniyan@AOUCLA Returning some shoes because I chose finals over voluntary workouts so I can be on honor roll. #bruinshungry 

Randall Carroll #⃣1⃣@generalspankyy We are being held from our checks because we chose not to participate in voluntary workouts. This is fucked up. its against ncaa violations  

Kai MaiavaWAI_51DE No check, no food, no hot water, NO LOVE!! What the hell is going on around here?!    

Husalah_Rockz_9 Gotta be shit'n me... No hot water nor bowl check. Smdh This ain't the life !    

Anthony Barranthonybarr2  No hot water n no bowl check...    

It's been an eventful week or two in Westwood.

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