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So Malcolm Gladwell Wants To Ban College Football

This means American colleges invented American football so that non-collegians could be paid to work as brain injury research subjects, I think. Here are Malcolm Gladwell's chief arguments against college football, along with some notes:

  • Football has no place in institutions of higher learning, where it essentially functions as a minor league for the NFL.

College football was around for 50 years before the NFL was thought up and for 65 years before the first NFL Draft. Was college football academically unacceptable for all of those 65 years, or just 50? Most campus pursuits function as preparatory exercises for future employment.

  • It is a billion dollar business that grows increasingly corrupt, where the average salary for major-college coach was $1.47 million and players see none of the revenue.

The NBA is a billion dollar business that grows increasingly corrupt, too. And the solution to unpaid volunteerism is to stop letting volunteers volunteer altogether (GO VOLS)? Why not just argue that they should be paid? That's an argument lots of college football fans make.

  • Growing evidence for brain injury and elevated dementia rates for football players-violence and suffering for the entertainment of others- have led critics to compare the sport to dogfighting.

Not even sure what we're talking about here. We're banning backyard football, Pop Warner football, middle school football, high school football, junior college football, semi-pro football, pro football, arena football, lingerie football and whatever it is that the AFC West plays, or just college football? If just college football, oh, well, then, of course.