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College Football All-America Teams 2011: ESPN, SI, CBS, Scout And PFW Lists Out

College football All-America team season deluges on, with five media outlets releasing dream squads as of late. We've already got the Walter Camp team and the FWAA and AFCA lists, and now it's time to see what some others think. It's always time to see what others think!

Here are Sports Illustrated'sCBS Sports'Scout'sESPN's [slideshow alert] and Pro Football Weekly's [auto-video alert].'s own All-America Team will be out later in the week, but we're currently spread across the country due to meetings and such, you see, and cannot complete our lists without staring each other in the eye and dueling. How badly do you want to list Kendall Wright at wide receiver, compadre?

Why yes, it is astounding that LSU Tigers punter Brad Wing's name appears on not even half of these lists. Seems to be one of the easiest choices in the nation, if you ask me.