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Rose Bowl 2012: Oregon Not Afraid Of Wisconsin's Offensive Line

The Oregon Ducks are preparing to play the Wisconsin Badgers in the 2012 Rose Bowl. In a classic Pac-12 and Big Ten match up, it will pit the speed and up-tempo of the Ducks offense and defense against the brute force of the massive Badgers offensive line. The Ducks are tired of hearing about it however, and they're not afraid.

"It's no concern," Oregon defensive end Terrell Turner told The Oregonian. "They are strong. We're going to be just as strong as them. Everyone always looks down on our D-line and we go in there and play as hard as we can." The Badgers offensive line averages out at 6-foot-5 and 320 pounds, but the Ducks defenders don't want to hear anymore about how big they are.

"They forget that our defensive line is pretty big, too," Issac Remington said. The Ducks two starting defensive tackle weigh in at over 300 pounds while their back ups are each over 280 pounds. While nearly all of the Ducks defensive lineman are out weighed by the Badgers offensive line, their athleticism and ability to move around will assist them in the size discrepancy.

"I'm not concerned at all," Oregon safety Eddie Pleasant said. "It's college football. We've played against big lines, big running backs the whole year."

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