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Andrus Peat Names Final Four: Nebraska, USC, Florida State And Stanford

One of the nation's top offensive tackles is down to just four schools.

Andrus Peat of Tempe, Arizona's Corona del Sol High School is a special offensive tackle. Most services regard him as a five-star player and one of the best offensive tackles in the country. At 6'7" and 300+ pounds, Peat already has passable college size, and yet, his build is not sloppy like so many big men in high school. Peat has quick feet and easily dominates the competition in Tempe.

And now he has narrowed his list to four schools. From Adam Gorney of

SB Nation's Pacific Takes has more on Peat:

There are clear advantages to each school. In terms of the Pac-12 though, Stanford and USC are clearly solid in terms of churning out pro-quality offensive linemen. They're probably your best bets in terms of where you want to do it in the conference if you're a big ugly.

However, Nebraska and Florida State probably offer the chance to start earlier, which could sway Peat away from the West. Peat's brother is also with the Huskers, which can't hurt at all. There's definitely a lot of recruiting left to do, but Peat is probably not yet ready to make a definitive commitment.

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