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Charlie Weis Plans To Leave Kansas After Five Years

Charlie Weis has big plans for the Kansas Jayhawks football program. He intends to make them a perennial winner who is capable of competing for a BCS bid year after year, even after he leaves. He just doesn't plan on sticking around particularly long in order to make sure that happens. During an interview with Kansas City's KCSP, the new Kansas coach made it clear that he plans to leave after five years.

"It’s going to be a quick stop. It’s going to be five years. That’s the quick stop. I’m going to be here for five years, because my wife and I had planned for me to be working at Florida for the next five years and then try to be put in a situation where we can walk away. … What we’re going to do here is we’re going to go try to turn this program into a perennial winning program and then try to have it where one of the guys on this coaching staff takes over."

In the world of college football, five years is actually a reasonably long time. Many coaches are fired or leave on their own well before their initial contract is up. But rarely do you hear coaches essentially put their own expiration date on their tenure.

Just in case you thought Weis' plan was going to be made possible by a fast start, he also made sure to point out that he'll need a "full recruiting cycle" before he can get the program up and running to his specifications. In other words, he would prefer not to be judged until he's been in Kansas for four years. It's a nice thought, to be sure, but keep in mind that Weis went 19-6 and made two BCS bowl games his first two years at Notre Dame before finishing off his five-year stay there by going 16-21 and playing in just one bowl game his final three seasons.

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