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Todd Graham's Arizona State Salary The Same As His Pitt Salary

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What did it take for new Arizona St. Sun Devils coach Todd Graham to bolt on the Pittsburgh Panthers after less than one year? Not all that much, really. As Doug Haller notes, it's a five-year deal worth $2 million per year plus incentives, along with a $2 million staff budget. There's also a $1 million buyout. Remember that figure.

So how much more is he making at ASU than he was at Pitt? As Panthers receiver Cam Saddler shares in an anecdote, Graham's not banking any more in Tempe than he was before:

Give us an example of when Graham spoke about his money:

"He told us at a team meeting that ... ‘I'll lose game with guys with integrity. It doesn't matter to me if I get fired. I make $2 million a year, I can move to the Caribbean and me and my wife can be better off for the rest of our lives.' Like, what kind of nonsense is that? I don't care about that. You're my coach. I understand that; you get paid lots of money. ... You have a nice haircut and all, but why would you tell us that you and your wife would be OK."

Whatever it is that motivates Graham's employment decisions, it's apparently not money? A man of mystery who makes one want to trot out all of the Dark Knight quotes.

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