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Matt McGloin, Curtis Drake Fight After Penn State Practice, According To Reports

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According to multiple outlets, Penn St. Nittany Lions quarterback Matt McGloin and wide receiver Curtis Drake got into a fight after Saturday's practice. McGloin was reportedly knocked out during the encounter. Here's a blow-by-blow by Nate Bauer of Blue and White Illustrated:

Nate Bauer@NateBauerBWI To recap from source: Drake/McGloin jawing in practice, Drake initiates making amends in locker room, McGloin takes exception...    

Nate Bauer@NateBauerBWI ...McGloin punch/shove (unclear), Drake takes him to floor, pop to the chin, McGloin 'lights out.'    

We'll hope McGloin is all right, but that doesn't sound good.

McGloin played in all 12 games for Penn State this season, functioning as the lead quarterback in a pitching rotation that started to work itself out at the end. Drake had five catches for 102 yards, two of which came in the last game of the season against Wisconsin.

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