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Famous Idaho Potato Bowl 2011 Update: Fireworks Arrive

The Ohio Bobcats and Utah State Aggies were supposed to deliver one of the 2011 bowl season's early classics. After a sluggish first half, the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl (it feels so good to type!) might be coming alive. USU's Michael Smith introduced a 63-yard touchdown run to make it 16-7 in favor of the Aggies, followed by a Matt Weller field goal. It's 16-10 now.

After only five minutes, the second half has produced 118 yards worth of offense, almost half of what the entire first half turned out. It appears the potatoes are ready, ladies and gentlemen.

Tyler Tettleton is 11-of-16 for Ohio, putting up 134 total yards so far. Utah State's passing game is kind of amazing: Adam Kennedy's 13 attempts have gone for 39 yards, while wide receiver Stanley Morrison's one was good for 33.

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