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Matt McGloin-Curtis Drake Fight Details Continue To Emerge

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Details of the reported fight between Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin and wide receiver Curtis Drake continue to emerge, painting a somewhat scary picture of the locker room altercation. McGloin and Drake made headlines on Saturday when they reportedly got into it in the Penn State locker room following a heated practice in which the two exchanged words throughout. The fight reportedly ended with McGloin being taken to the hospital to be checked out, and police investigating the situation.

McGloin also suffered a seizure, according to his father. But the seizure was not the result of a punch from Drake. In fact, the seizure was reportedly triggered by a fall, according to Nate Bauer.

I'm told McGloin had seizure from hitting head on the ground before Drake threw punch. Wasn't 'knocked out' as source believed.

McGloin is at home resting comfortably after being checked out following the incident.

As for Drake, this isn't the first time he's been caught doing it wrong. According to Ron Musselman, Drake's had troubles around campus, getting into at least two fights before Saturday's incident.

Prior to today's incident with Matt McGloin, Curtis Drake had been in 2 previous fights on campus where he was cited for disorderly conduct.

It's unclear what punishment Drake faces, both from the team and, perhaps, law enforcement.

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