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2011 New Orleans Bowl, San Diego State Vs. UL-Lafayette: Missed Two-Pointer Spells Doom

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The San Diego State Aztecs had seemingly used all of the New Orleans Bowl's miracles against the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns. With 1:40 remaining in the fourth quarter, the Aztecs trailed 29-24. On fourth-and-2, from the Aztecs' 39-yard line, quarterback Ryan Lindley's pass fell incomplete, but a pass interference call kept the drive and San Diego State alive.

Nine plays later, with 35 seconds to go, Colin Lockett's 12-yard touchdown catch put the Aztecs up 30-29. They missed the ensuing two-point conversion, but what did that matter?

It mattered. Only down one point, the Ragin' Cajuns had 35 seconds to drive down the field and get in field goal range. In those 35 seconds, Louisiana-Lafayette, led by quarterback Blaine Gautier's two completed passes to Javone Lawson for a combined 39 yards, made it to San Diego State's 43-yard line. Brett Baer hit a 55-yard field goal and the Ragin' Cajuns raged all night in a 32-30 victory.