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Kirk Ferentz To Kansas City Chiefs Not Likely, According To Report

Kirk Ferentz won't be leaving Iowa for the NFL, according to a report.

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Shortly after the Kansas City Chiefs fired coach Todd Haley, Iowa Hawkeyes coach Kirk Ferentz' name popped up as a potential replacement. He has ties to Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli, has NFL experience, has been successful in the region and prefers conservative, NFL-y schemes.

But according to CBS Sports' Charley Casserly, it's not going to happen:

"One name rumored for the job that will not be there is Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz," Casserly told James Brown Sunday. "I talked to him this week and he's staying at Iowa. I would not be totally surprised if Romeo Crennel is the head coach next year."

Iowa fans appear to be satisfied with that as a de facto denial of interest:

That's probably about as close to a flat denial as we're likely to get from Ferentz, assuming Casserly isn't in the business of just flat-out fabricating quotes. (He's not.) So that's (in all likelihood) that. We never put much stock in the rumor to begin with -- a Ferentz to the NFL rumor is practically catnip for NFL writers at this point, especially with noted friend Scott Pioli involved -- but at least we can put it to bed now.

Ferentz is 96-65 at Iowa.

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