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VIDEO: 2011 Gunner Kiel Highlights Show What Notre Dame, LSU, Vanderbilt Are After

Gunner Kiel slings it in his senior highlights. Watch one of the nation's top quarterback recruits in new tape.

There is a new highlight tape of Gunner Kiel, one of the nation's top quarterbacks. Kiel has had a busy December and received visits from Notre Dame, LSU and Vanderbilt.

Let's break down the new Gunner Kiel highlights. I tried to look for Kiel doing things that will translate at the next level, as the competition in Indiana is horrible, and as expected, much of the highlight is Kiel working kids who will never take a college snap.

  • At the 0:04 mark, Kiel stands in against pressure and throws a strike on a vertical route against what looks to be quarters coverage. That's an excellent throw.
  • At the 0:44 mark, Kiel recognizes single coverage to the boundary with trips to the field. He quickly exploits the match-up with an accurate throw.
  • At the 1:20 mark, Kiel makes a very nice throw over the corner, but in front of the safety against cover two. That's excellent touch.
  • Again at the 2:25 mark, Kiel recognizes single coverage and makes an excellent throw to the backside for the touchdown.
  • At the 2:38 mark, Kiel throws off his back foot and puts the ball where only his receiver can catch it. This does not show great fundamentals, but special quarterbacks can get away with a throw of this type.

Kiel doesn't appear to have improved much as a runner, but he likely won't have to with his other skills. And while Kiel's team is smart to tailor the plan to his strengths, I would like to see Kiel throw more deep outs. Still, Gunner Kiel is an excellent prospect. Notre Dame, LSU or Vanderbilt will be very happy with Kiel pretty soon, as he is expected to make the call before signing day.