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Chris Petersen Declines UCLA Coaching Job, According To Report

When you heard the UCLA Bruins planned to make Boise St. Broncos coach Chris Petersen their No. 1 coaching target, you said to yourself, "Good luck with that!" Petersen does not appear to be motivated by the same things as other coaches, and unless he's holding out for a top-five job, he's content to just keep building something neat in Idaho.

So it's no shock to see Joe Schad report that it's one up, one down for the Bruins after Petersen has declined. That was a fun side quest, and now UCLA's coaching search can begin in earnest. It's a formality.

Insiders have said it would take "dynamite" to get Peterson out of Boise, and the UCLA job isn't dynamite. The USC gig would be more like it. That sort of job is the only thing that could do it.

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