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Ohio State NCAA Sanctions To Be Made Final Tuesday Afternoon

The Ohio St. Buckeyes will find out exactly what the NCAA's going to do about all this shortly. The NCAA's committee on infractions will make known Ohio State's fate at 3 p.m. ET Tuesday.

So what exactly is happening here? Didn't we go through this already, when the Buckeyes vacated their 2010 wins and so forth? That was Ohio State's recommended punishment for themselves, not the NCAA's official proclamation. The governing body could accept those terms, or it could ramp them up.

To think, the NCAA could've waited just two more days, and we would've gotten to enjoy an entire year of this story. Since then a quarterback has left, a coach was fired, multiple rounds of suspensions happened, a Sugar Bowl win was nullified, and Urban Meyer wound up in Columbus so maybe everything's not all that bad.

Many had speculated Meyer was waiting to find out just how hard the Bucks would be hit before he elected to take the job. He must have surmised it wouldn't be all that bad, but he's about to find out for sure.

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