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How Ohio State's NCAA Punishment Could've Been Worse

Tuesday, the year-long escapade into just who get how many free tattoos came to a conclusion, with the NCAA seeing the Ohio St. Buckeyes and raising them quite a bit. The 2012 bowl ban is getting the most attention, but nine lost scholarships will have more instant and long-term impact.

It could've been a whole lot worse, though, Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson reports, and if there's anybody we'll trust about things getting a whole lot worse, it's Mr. Robinson:

Charles Robinson@CharlesRobinson Key witness refused to cooperate w/ NCAA's Ohio State probe. Had he taken part, sanctions could have been far worse. OSU dodged a bullet.    

Your first thought was not unique: Robinson quickly clarified that the witness was not Terrelle Pryor and was not a player at all. 

This isn't uncommon. Since the NCAA has no legal power to force anyone to provide information, it has to rely on free and willing cooperation to conduct its own investigations.

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