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UNC's Dwight Jones May Get An NCAA Investigation For Christmas

The NCAA is reportedly looking into North Carolina's Dwight Jones related to a promotional flier for a New Year's party. The flier first surfaced on Deadspin. This should be fun. As the Charlotte Observer reports:

An image of Jones in his football uniform appears on the flier surrounded by a gold throne, which is in turn surrounded by $100 bills. ... "D Jones will be giving some lucky ladies in the building up to (a) $500 cash giveaway," the flier reads.

Sound the alarm, y'all. Sounds like a student-athlete is out here BALLIN TOO HARD.


Dwight Jones is a senior, of course, and this party's scheduled for New Years Eve. Or, five days after the Tar Heels finish their season. In other words, by the time this party happens, he should be able to ball as hard as he wants and deliver on his promise of "24 free shots every hour on the hour."

But of course the NCAA exists with the sole intention ruin all fun, everywhere, so they have a rule prohibiting athletes' from lending their likeness to any promotional materials for off-campus, revenue generating establishings. (NOTE: The NCAA can still use NCAA athletes to promote things that make the NCAA money.)

And since Dwight Jones is still an NCAA athlete, this rule applies to him. Now there's a chance the NCAA investigates, and it may cost Jones his eligibility in North Carolina's bowl game. But we're not here to put a damper on things. Whatever happens with the NCAA or the bowl game, Jones has already done enough at Carolina to turn himself into an NFL prospect.

And whatever happens: Remember, 24 free shots every hour, 24 ladies get in free, dress code is "sexxxy casual", and NCAA inquiry or not, it is goin' DOWN on New Year's Eve.