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Todd Graham Speaks, Calls Taking The Pitt Job A Mistake

After about a week of silence, Todd Graham is spoke out about his controversial departure from Pitt in an interview with CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd. Graham abruptly resigned as the Panthers head coach last week, hopping a plane and heading to Tempe to take the Arizona State head coaching job. It was a move that left his former players, and Pitt fans, jilted and angry.

Graham's recent comments probably aren't helping, and it's difficult to buy what he's selling. He says he stepped way out on a limb when he resigned from Pitt, noting that he had no assurances Arizona State would hire him. All of this should probably be met with an eye-roll.

Finally, here's Todd Graham on looking out for himself and doing what's best for his family (emphasis mine)

"The difference is this: We're working with young people. We're educators. I'm not saying I didn't make a mistake. I'm not saying I didn't have any regrets.

"I think the mistake was making the move in the first place."

The move he's talking about is the Pitt job, but at least he's at his next dream job now!