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Alabama Recruit Travell Dixon, Social Media Master And #TeamCake

Four-star Arizona cornerback Travell Dixon committed to Alabama over FSU and others Wednesday night, putting on quite a Twitter performance in the process. After revealing he'd picked up 1,000 sudden followers and declaring he'd have a post-announcement "civil Q & A session" on Ustream*, Dixon toyed with hundreds and hundreds of grown men for a few more moments:

Now what you all been waiting for!!! 
After careful consideration on the behalf of my parents &family. I decided that in the best interest Academically and Athletically I chosen.
"THE ADAGE"- A picture is worth a thousand words

After much hemming and hawing, Dixon put up a photo of his newly crimson family, along with a Tide-flavored treat:


* Mr. Dixon, you will have a number of short, civil Q&A sessions with Nick Saban in the coming years. They will not be civil, and the Q will be the A.