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2012 SEC Football Schedule To Be Released After Christmas

A few more days worth of waiting for SEC fans, now joined by Missouri and Texas A&M fans.

Terribly sorry, fellow Southern sports fan, but the 2012 SEC football schedule won't be joining us until next week. After much anticipation that it would arrive this week, things started to look grim around Wednesday, and Thursday morning the SEC confirmed the delayed release.

There have at least been a couple reported leaks already. A&M's expected to open against Florida, while Mizzou reportedly gets Georgia first.

SEC Sports@SECSportsUpdate Working through final stages of 2012 #SEC football schedule. We'll release once it's complete, but not before Christmas. #HappyHolidays

Some SEC fans are hoping to fudge that syntax into a Dec. 25 release, but I think we know what was meant here.

There's increased interest this year, as the Missouri Tigers and Texas A&M Aggies are set to join the conference. It's the conference's first expansion in almost 20 years, and feathers are bound to be ruffled. There's also the promise of a chance to gawk at A&M fans as they survey the overwhelming slate they're in for next year. Everybody's kind of looking forward to the hazing part.

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