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MAACO Las Vegas Bowl 2011 Score Update: Doug Martin Runs Back Opening Kickoff

Just getting settled in here and ready to update some Las Vegas Bowl scores. Let's see, on this side we have the Boise St. Broncos, and on that side there are the Arizona St. Sun Devils. Brock Osweiler is tall, yes, yes, everything is in order and OMG there goes Doug Martin with a touchdown on the opening kickoff.

It was officially a 100-yard return, removing just 15 seconds from the game clock. At this rate, BSU will score upwards of 50 points easily. Arizona State special teams! But then Boise State special teams, as the Broncos kicked off out of bounds.

We've had one mention so far of Osweiler being six-foot-eight. Kirk Herbstreit was the culprit. We'll be keeping track.

For more on the Broncos, check out Boise State blog One Boise Nation Under God. For more on the Sun Devils, visit Arizona State blog House of Sparky. Stick around for more college football news and so forth.