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Boise State Vs. Arizona State Score Updates: Tyler Shoemaker's Number Comes Up

The Boise St. Broncos are now up 14-0 on the Arizona St. Sun Devils, tacking a Tyler Shoemaker touchdown onto their early lead. Kellen Moore hit a wide-open "SHOOOOOOE" (as the many traveling Broncos fans bellowed) for the 14-yard score, concluding a 54-yard drive.

So far, neither team looks terribly motivated, but the Broncos are so well-oiled they could put up points in their sleep. Not to say they're playing without effort by any means -- witness guard Chuck Hayes leading Geraldo Boldewijn 44 yards down the field on a screen. Shoemaker did drop a pass, but that's about it.

With ASU, drowsiness doesn't quite come off so well. They have a scant 24 yards after 10 minutes, which is barely more than three Brock Osweilers worth of yardage (we're up to two mentions of his height so far). Their response drive has opened with consecutive penalties. Oh me.

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