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Boise State Vs. Arizona State Final Score, Las Vegas Bowl 2011: Broncos Make The Most Of It

The amateur career of Boise St. Broncos passer Kellen Moore, the winningest quarterback in college football history, ends in appropriate fashion: a complete dismantling of a mediocre western team. The final score was 56-24, and if you weren't reminded the Arizona St. Sun Devils are a BCS conference team, you'd be tempted to think of it as just another Broncos trampling of some WAC team.

Said it before, saying it again: the Las Vegas Bowl is beneath these Broncos. For the second year in a row, they've come to Sin City to obliterate an inferior opponent instead of a legitimate challenger. We get to complain about it frequently.

Moore finished with 266 yards, two touchdowns and a handful of turnovers, so the game ball goes to Doug Martin, who turned in 151 yards rushing, 26 yards on catches and a 100-yard kick return. Receiver Gerell Robinson was pretty much ASU's entire attack, gaining 241 of their 384 yards.

In other news, the career of Dennis Erickson, which includes two national titles and lasting contributions to offensive strategy, likely comes to a close.

Still, the story is Boise State, and you better put on a great show in that Sugar Bowl, Virginia Tech.

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