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Belk Bowl 2011: Louisville Down Michaelee Harris, Greg Scruggs

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Bowl attrition week continues, as Louisville Cardinals coach Charlie Strong announced Thursday night that leading receiver Michaelee Harris is officially out for the 2011 Belk Bowl against the N.C. State WolfpackC.L. Brown notes. Strong also said senior defensive tackle Greg Scruggs and junior safety Shenard Holton are no longer with the team.

Scruggs was arrested days earlier on DUI charges. Louisville Cardinals blog Card Chronicle calls him the biggest loss, while also assuming more personnel setbacks are on the way:

The situation with Scruggs is a classic case of doing the right thing even when it feels wrong. By nearly every account, Scruggs has been everything you look for in a college athlete: successful on the field, successful in the classroom and a great role model for the community. Still, he made a mistake that demanded punishment, especially heading into a game that is at least partially about setting a tone for the future.

While I think the majority of us will still remember Scruggs in a light that's largely positive, there's no question that one mistake has tarnished his U of L legacy forever, and that's a shame.

Harris had 35 catches for 438 yards this year. Holton finished fifth among defensive backs in tackles, while Scruggs was third on the team in both sacks and tackles for loss.