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Fiesta Bowl 2012: Baseball Binds Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden, Stanford's Jordan Pratt

When the Oklahoma St. Cowboys face off against the Stanford Cardinal in the 2012 Fiesta Bowl, OSU quarterback Brandon Weeden and Stanford wide receiver Jordan Pratt will be opponents.

Six years ago, however, they were teammates in a different sport altogether (via Standard-Examiner):

The Oklahoma State quarterback and Stanford wide receiver spent a sweltering summer together in 2005 with the Class-A Columbus Catfish, the Los Angeles Dodgers' former minor league affiliate in Georgia.

The 28-year-old Weeden ended his baseball career in 2007 and decided to focus on football. He was the first pick in the 2002 draft by the New York Yankees. Meanwhile Pratt is a 26-year-old freshman who recently ended an eight-year minor league career.

As for what he remembers most about that shared summer, Weeden can't get past that Georgia weather.

"It was hotter than crap. We didn't get many fans."

Neither should be too much of an issue in the likely sold-out, retractable roof stadium the Fiesta Bowl will be played in.

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