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Independence Bowl Trophy Broken, Missouri's Truman The Tiger Is Apparently To Blame

The Independence Bowl trophy will be awarded Monday following the match-up between Missouri and North Carolina. Disaster has struck, however, as the trophy's glass vase has been broken. And it seems as though Missouri's mascot, Truman the Tiger, is the party at fault.

Asked Truman if he broke the trophy. He nodded. Asked him what happened. Threw his paws in the air, then covered his eyes to mimic sobbing

A photo of the broken trophy is after the jump, as is a wretched assortment of relevant puns that you will hate.


(Photo via @MizzouAlumni)

  • Hey, sometimes accidents happen. Maybe we should cut Truman a break.
  • Every bowl season, it seems like a frivolous story like this tends to fall through the cracks.
  • I'm glad he confessed to breaking the trophy. When these things happen, an apology is a good way to save vase.
  • Since this is a less high-profile game than some other bowls, I'm not sure how much outrage officials will be able to amass. Cotton Bowl officials, for example, would probably raise more of a fuss.
  • Sounds like you've gotten yourself into a Harry situation, Truman.
  • These teams have both played so hard all season, it's a shame the game can't end in a tie. Grr!
  • Missouri and UNC have enough to deal with without having to worry about this tripe.
  • Truman the Tiger will surely be in a lot of trouble for this. I'm sure bowl officials would like award with him.
  • The trophy's already broken. No use in bowling over it.
  • Well, the postgame ceremony has clearly hit a snag. Last time I checked, though, a trophy's still a trophy.
  • I'll always remember where I was when this story broke. I was on the Internet reading a post on Twitter about the Missouri mascot breaking the Independence Bowl trophy.