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Missouri Vs. North Carolina Score Updates: James Franklin Popping UNC

The Missouri Tigers powered to a 14-7 lead, powered by the arms and legs of James Franklin. The sophomore passer now has 46 through the air and 15 on the ground, including Mizzou's second touchdown of the first quarter. A 26-yard pitch from Franklin to De'Vion Moore also provided the game's biggest ground gain so far.

The North Carolina Tar Heels haven't been able to achieve much since their hot opening drive, punting twice. They opened the second quarter with a tumbling Giovani Bernard watching a Bryn Renner screen hit the turf. At least UNC's punter is bringing it, topping 50 yards on each effort so far.

This game is brought to you by Advocare, which sells pills of some sort and pays Drew Brees to appear in its commercials. Many of them.

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