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VIDEO: Independence Bowl Interception Proves Shreveport Hates North Carolina

Not much has gone the way of the North Carolina Tar Heels in the 2011 Independence Bowl. For one thing, James Franklin, who cannot be convinced to stop scoring touchdowns. The Missouri Tigers now lead, 31-7, and conditions in sunny, breezy Shreveport have lowered UNC's chances of airing the ball out in a comeback effort.

Consider the following, an interception off Dwight Jones' back -- yes, his back -- that will be charged to Bryn Renner but really should be considered the fault of Butch Davis somehow, probably (via):

Zaviar Gooden is the Tigers player who comes up with it, but even if he'd instead flung it out of bounds it would've just bounced off Gary Pinkel's hat and into Luke Lambert's hands for a touchdown. This was followed by Franklin converting a third-and-13, which was followed by a UNC personal foul. All is lost.

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