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VIDEO: Western Michigan Flea-Flicker Touchdown In Little Caesars Bowl

In the first quarter of the 2011 Little Caesars Bowl, the Western Michigan Broncos took the first lead they have ever taken in a bowl game via this fantastically-drawn up flea-flicker from quarterback Alex Carder to Bronco receiver Jordan White for the score.

The touchdown, coupled with an extra point fakeout that led to a two-point conversion, put WMU up 8-0 on the Purdue Boilermakers early.

It's been a game full of trick plays including halfback option passes and onside kicks, not to mention a kick return for a touchdown and four turnovers. Every time you think you've seen the last exciting trick in the playbook, someone pulls out a new one, though not always on purpose.

The Little Ceasars Bowl might not sound like an exciting game, but it sure has become one.

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