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Rootability Index: The Alamo Bowl Is A One-Sided Emotional Rollercoaster

Today's Rootability index helps the uninvested fan decide who to pull for in a contest where they have no clear interest. The game: The Valero Alamo Bowl, a contest between two teams with potent offenses and ( to put it kindly) indifferent defenses playing a game in the perfect weather of a covered stadium. With so many sure indicators of a track meet in the making, anticipate a 9-6 struggle because BOWL MAGIC.

Rootability Factors. Let's just admit we have to sell you on Washington, and sell you hard because Robert Griffin III is on the other sideline (cartoon socks, Heisman trophy, and all.)

Washington has some curb appeal. It's from the mysterious American Northwest, a place you were supposed to move to in 1993 but didn't. Supporting them is kind of fulfilling your Singles fantasy AND your promise to just, you know, bum around and see what life on the West Coast deals you, man.

Washington also has the dynamic pairing of running back Chris Polk, the nation's 16th ranked rusher, and Keith Price, who does a pretty nice job given the limited options he has in terms of dangerous weapons in the passing game. The defense, well...they have a guy named Princeton Fulmaono, who by himself sounds like a Polynesian Ivy League satellite campus. Does your defense have that? Well, then. Let's all not be so snooty about U-Dub's defense, then, shall we?

Washington also has a punter named "Kiel Rasp." This is its own argument.

Baylor, meanwhile, has all the charm and love and oh fine, we get it. They're Baylor, a name synonymous with something beyond football mediocrity. To say they have been bad historically is to say Somalia has experienced a fascinating and colorful history replete with vigorous debates about democracy and personal liberties. They're in their second bowl in a row, the most charismatic player in college football is their quarterback, they score buckets of points at will, and are probably at a peak program-wise that they will tell their children about with awed, blissful looks on their faces.

Rooting against them would make you a hater on a scale Silky Johnson would describe as "repellent."

Lean: Baylor. Go ahead and root for them. It's not like you'll have the option again for a few years following RG3's departure for the NFL.