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Baylor Vs. Washington Update: Robert Griffin III Injured During TD

The Baylor Bears lead the Washington Huskies, 21-7, at the end of the Alamo Bowl's first quarter, but will have to hope RG3's fine after suffering a hard hit. He suffered said hit in the end zone, of course, after doing some amazing stuff in order to arrive there, but it was a heavy blow nevertheless.

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Griffin has 118 yards passing and 36 on the ground, plus a pair of scores. With Jarred Salubi (one touchdown) and Terrance Ganaway assisting with rushing duties, Baylor's compiled 245 yards on 30 plays already. After one quarter. If Washington would participate, we could have a real offensive display going on here.

Still, 28 points in a single quarter is a new Alamo Bowl record, so UW's doing its part, you'd say.

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