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2011 Alamo Bowl Halftime Score: Keith Price Dueling Robert Griffin III

If you haven't kept up with Washington Huskies quarterback Keith Price, you might be surprised to see him more than holding his own (for the time being) against Baylor Bears quarterback Robert Griffin III. It's weird that you've probably paid more attention to Baylor football than to Washington football this year, but 2011 was weird.

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The score is 35-24 in favor of the Dawgs, with Price producing 179 yards through the air and 27 on the ground. He's also yet to turn the ball over -- RG3 fumbled away a ball that set up UW's latest score. Price's four total touchdowns, including a sweet ball-faking scramble to give Washington the lead, also top Griffin's.

And Griffin is still playing well, which is the thing. He's got 192 yards through the air and 56 on runs, but is having a hard time escaping Washington's pass rush.

The defining decision of the first half: Art Briles elected to go for it on fourth down at midfield, setting up a Chris Polk 56-yard touchdown in the closing minute. And of course Baylor responded with a scoring drive of its own, as Terrance Williams advanced a number of surprisingly easy screens to get into field goal range.

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