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LSU Vs. Georgia 2011 Score: Dawgs Onside Kick Amounts To Nada

The Georgia Bulldogs came into the SEC Championship Game with one clear disadvantage: special teams. It's been an issue for UGA at times, and the LSU Tigers likely have the best kicking units in the country. So, yep, a surprise first quarter onside kick went exactly how you wouldn't think.

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The Dawgs one-hopped the ball into Alec Ogletree's hands, giving them their second possession of the young game. Top back Isaiah Crowell entered the contest, but it was still Aaron Murray's receiving corps that moved the chains. Malcolm Mitchell and Orson Charles made big catches along the way to another field goal try, but this one veered right.

For the second drive, the Dawgs dropped a sure touchdown catch. This time, it was Mitchell.

Crowell left the field a few plays into the day after being stampeded while pass blocking. By an especially tiny cornerback, Tyrann Mathieu.

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