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SEC Championship 2011 Score Update: Tyrann Mathieu Is LSU's Offense

Momentum had started to move the way of the LSU Tigers even before Tyrann Mathieu ran back a long, long Drew Butler punt for a 62-yard touchdown. The score is now 10-7, Georgia Bulldogs, an astounding figure considering LSU has gained only 16 yards worth of offense. 

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This is Mathieu's second straight game with a punt return touchdown, and both times his effort couldn't have come at a more welcome time. Georgia's gained an advantage on both sides of the ball, but a missed field goal and now this have shown why LSU was given the clear edge on special teams coming in.

There are murmurings about seeing what Jarrett Lee could do at quarterback for LSU. There are also murmurings about seeing what Mathieu could do. Why not? It's only the SEC Championship.

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