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Georgia Vs. LSU Halftime Score: Dawgs D On Historic Pace

If this isn't Les Miles' sort of game, I don't know what is. The LSU Tigers trail the Georgia Bulldogs by only three points at the break in the Georgia Dome despite picking up zero first downs all half. It's 10-7, UGA, but it could be so, so much more lopsided if not for a pair of dropped Georgia touchdowns.

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LSU has 12 total yards*. Six Georgia players have more than that from scrimmage. Aaron Murray has thrown for 114. Tyrann Mathieu has 62 yards on a single punt return touchdown (though a replay showed, about 30 minutes too late, that he never actually crossed the goal line with the ball).

To CBS' Tracy Wolfson, Miles said it was "very possible" Jarrett Lee could make an appearance in the second half. Well, I should say so.

* Adjusted for penalties, that's negative 29.

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