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VIDEO: Tyrann Mathieu Returns A Punt For A Touchdown, May Have DeSean Jackson'd

It doesn't much matter to me that Tyrann Mathieu may have prematurely tossed the ball to an official on his 62-yard punt return for a touchdown. It probably matters to Georgia, but it just doesn't seem like a big deal. After all, coaches at all levels teach players to hand the ball to the officials instead of celebrating and drawing attention to themselves. The Honey Badger was just being polite and all.

If you're a Georgia fan, be more upset about the 15 blocks in the back.* Still, no matter the process, kicking to the Honey Badger was probably a bad idea. LSU was held without a first down in the half, and the Honey Badger was the only real source of anything positive. He takes what he wants, and all that other fun stuff.

*Might be an exaggeration

Video and a still of Mathieu's toss to an official after the jump.

And the moment of impact...

#Georgia #LSU - Did he cross the line before letting go? Here... on Twitpic

Both via @cjzero

Whatever. Honey Badger just don't care about these silly "rules."

Breathless update, from Mike Pereira:

The LSU punt return looks like it should have been an illegal forward pass. Not a fumble. If called it would have been first and goal from 5. The spot of the pass was the one so it would have gone to the 6 yard line and been first and goal from the six. Foul is from spot of pass.

You'd think LSU would have good chances from inside the five, to which we say: Have you seen this offense today? Very real chance LSU comes away with no points in the above situation.