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LSU Vs. Georgia Score Update: Unthinkable Event Happens, Tigers Lead

The LSU Tigers moved the ball past an imaginary line 30 feet in front of their starting field position, and were thus afforded another chance to execute an offensive play. On a subsequent play, Kenny Hilliard ran into the dead area beyond the one-yard line. His team was awarded points for this event. I'm not sure what this was all about. The score is suddenly 14-10, LSU.

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That's the first first down of the game for LSU, and yes, it's early in the third quarter. The Georgia Bulldogs had a chance to extend its lead, but Barkevious Mingo forced an Aaron Murray fumble, and you'll never guess which Honey Badger picked up the ball.

LSU has essentially made two big plays this entire game, and that's enough to give them the lead. Football is amazing!

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