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Clemson Suspends Mike Bellamy For ACC Championship Game For Violation Of Team Rules

Clemson's drive to the ACC Championship Game was basically a dramatic rise to the top of a hill followed by a frantic effort to head in reverse and run themselves off the road late in the regular season. With the announcement that Clemson has suspended freshman running back Mike Bellamy for the ACC Championship Game for a violation of team rules, it seems that Clemson's bandwagon is, indeed, capable of losing a few more wheels.

Bellamy is Clemson's second-leading rusher despite being the Tigers' change of pace back, and has rushed for 343 yards and three touchdowns in 2011. But while starter Andre Ellington, who began the season on a hot streak until getting hurt against North Carolina in October, has lagged of late, with just 182 yards in his three games since returning from his injury, Bellamy has not exactly stepped up. The freshman had just 38 yards on the ground in Clemson's three games in November.

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