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LSU Vs. Georgia Final Score: Tigers To New Orleans By Way Of Atlanta

Imagine if the LSU Tigers had played in the first half against the Georgia Bulldogs. Despite mustering zero first downs and about a dozen offensive yards in the opening two quarters, the final score of the 2011 SEC Championship Game is 42-10 in favor of the No. 1 Tigers, who'll next play in the BCS National Championship Game.

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The only question left, which isn't even much of a question at this point: will voters decide to elevate the Oklahoma St. Cowboys over the Alabama Crimson Tide, should the Pokes secure a Bedlam victory? Probably not, but we've got a long month to wait until New Orleans.

LSU's second half involved 226 yards of offense to Georgia's handful. Five yards of rushing became 208. Morris Claiborne added a defensive touchdown, meaning each of LSU's three units scored as many touchdowns as did UGA's entire team.

Five straight SEC national titles, and likely a sixth on the way.

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