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Wisconsin Vs. Michigan State Score: Badgers, Spartans Exchange Touchdowns Early

The Wisconsin Badgers and the Michigan St. Spartans wasted no time in scoring on their opening drives of the game, tying the game at seven. Russell Wilson connected with Jeff Duckworth for a three-yard touchdown pass and the 7-0 Badgers lead. But the Spartans then answered with an Edwin Baker touchdown run to tie the game after eight-plus minutes came off the clock.

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Wilson was 3-of-3 on that drive for 28 yards, including a 22-yard pass to Nick Toon. Wilson set a new NCAA record with that touchdown pass by having one in 37 straight games. Running back Montee Ball pounded the ball on the ground by picking up 53 yards. He had a key 26-yard run on the drive and is averaging 8.8 yards per carry.

For the Spartans, Le'Veon Bell had a 26-yard rush from his own 41-yard line that brought him to Wisconsin's 33-yard line. After Kirk Cousin connected with Keshawn Martin for a 13-yard reception, Bell and Baker hit the ground running, Baker scoring the touchdown to tie the game at seven.

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