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Wisconsin Vs. Michigan State Score: Montee Ball Can Run And Throw, Has Badgers Up, 21-7

The Wisconsin Badgers don't know the meaning of "let up." At the end of the first quarter, the Badgers have a 21-7 lead over the Michigan St. Spartans in the 2011 Big Ten Championship Game. After the two teams struck on their opening drives, the Badgers used some trickery and had running back Montee Ball throw a pass to quarterback Russell Wilson, who advanced the ball to Michigan State's nine-yard line.

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With the Badgers ready to score again, Ball ran nine yards over the next two plays to score his first touchdown of the game. On the ensuing kickoff, Michigan State lost control of the ball and allowed Ball to score a couple of plays later. Ball broke off rushes of 18 and 6 yards.

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