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VIDEO: Montee Ball Passes To Russell Wilson, Wants Starting QB Job

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Wisconsin Badgers running back Montee Ball already has 105 yards and two touchdowns through one quarter of play against the Michigan St. Spartans in the Big Ten Championship Game, but he may also be auditioning to be the team's starting quarterback in 2012, his last year of eligibility.

Before he scored his first touchdown of the game, Ball was involved in a trick play with quarterback Russell Wilson.

via @cjzero

Wilson takes the snap from under center and then pitches the rock to Ball, who runs to the right to sell the play. Ball then slows down and looks to his left, seeing a mostly wide open Wilson able to get the pass. The Michigan State defenders are unable to catch up with Wilson until they force him out of bounds at the nine-yard line for a 32-yard gain. Two plays later, Ball rushed into the endzone for a score.

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