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Wisconsin Vs. Michigan State Score: Spartans Take 22-21 On Lateral, Two-Point Conversion

Over the first two minutes of the second quarter, the Michigan St. Spartans told the Wisconsin Badgers that they weren't out of this game, even though the Badgers had a 21-7 lead before the clock started ticking again. On consecutive drives, the Spartans found the end zone on several gutsy plays and now lead, 22-21.

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The Spartans had 4th-and-1 when the first quarter ended, but when the second quarter began quarterback Kirk Cousins stepped out onto the field. All he did was throw an 30-yard touchdown pass to B.J. Cunningham. The Spartans defense kept the Badgers to a three-and-out in the ensuing drive.

Cousins took control of things for the Spartans on his second drive of the quarter. On 1st-and-goal on the Wisconsin 10-yard line, Cousins threw a three-yard pass to Keith Nichol, who then lateraled the ball to B.J. Cunnigham while the two were near the sidelines. Cunningham took the ball into the end zone. With momentum on their side, the Spartans had Brad Sonntag run the ball in on the fake for the two-point conversion.

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