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Wisconsin Vs. Michigan State Halftime Score: Spartans Lead Badgers, 29-21, In Wild 1st Half

The 2011 Big Ten Championship Game has gone through three phases in the first half, though the Michigan St. Spartans lead the Wisconsin Badgers, 29-21, at halftime. It began with both teams scoring on their opening drives of the game, potentially a great back and forth battle. The remainder of the first quarter, though, turned into Wisconsin dominance. The second quarter was the opposite side of the coin, as the Spartans showed true dominance.

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Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson and running back Montee Ball headlined the offense in the first quarter. The play of the quarter was Ball's 32-yard pass to Wilson, which set up Ball's first touchdown run. Ball had his second one just a few plays later after Michigan State coughed up the ball on the kick return. That 21-7 lead wasn't going to last long, however.

Michigan State scored 22 unanswered points in the second quarter. The first came on a 30-yard pass by Kirk Cousins in the first five second of the frame. On the team's next drive, a Cousins completion turned into a lateral on the sideline and then a touchdown. The extra point attempt turned into a two-point conversion. Running back Le'Veon Bell added a touchdown midway through the quarter.

Wisconsin will need Ball to regain his ability to run the ball. He had 105 yard through the first quarter and has 107 at halftime.

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