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VIDEO: Michigan State Uses Lateral, Fake Extra Point To Take Lead Over Wisconsin

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The Michigan St. Spartans had a great run during the second quarter of the 2011 Big Ten Championship Game against the Wisconsin Badgers by scoring 22 unanswered points. The second touchdown of the quarter was a thing of beauty.


Spartans quarterback Kirk Cousins throws a short pass to Keith Nichol by the sideline for a couple of yards. Nichol moves up a couple of yards and looks as though he is about to be forced out of bounds. However, showing great body control, Nichol pivots around while teammate B.J. Cunningham runs behind him. Nichol is able to lateral the ball to Cunningham, who makes a leap into the end zone for the touchdown.

And to top that, the Spartans fake the extra point attempt and have the holder run the ball into the end zone for the two-point conversion. It was successful and the Spartans had a 22-21 lead at that point.