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Wisconsin Vs. Michigan State Score: Badgers Take Late Lead, 42-39, Over Spartans

The inaugural Big Ten Championship has proven to be the most exciting game of the weekend. The Wisconsin Badgers lead the Michigan St. Spartans, 42-39, with 3:45 left on the clock.

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Russell Wilson and Montee Ball continue to be the cogs that power the Wisconsin offense. On a 4th-and-5 play at Michigan State's 43-yard line, Wilson escaped all kinds of trouble and threw across the field to Jeff Duckworth for a 36-yard first down catch, Montee Ball then rushed seven yards for the score, putting the Badgers in a 40-39 lead.

The Badgers went for the two-point conversion, which required more wriggling from Wilson to get the pass off. But that he did. Jacob Pedersen caught the ball for the 42-39 lead.

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