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College Football Rankings: Oklahoma State To Be No. 2 On Bob Stoops' Ballot

It's about the hottest question in college football right now: Should the formerly No. 2 Alabama remain in that lofty perch in the final BCS standings, putting them in a rematch with LSU for the national title? Or should Oklahoma State move into that spot after thrashing Oklahoma, giving the Tigers a new challenger for the crystal football.

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma coach and thrashee, has an answer.

Stoops says he will vote LSU 1 and OK State 2 in his coaches ballot.

It might not be wise for Bob Stoops to set foot inside the state of Alabama any time in the next 20 or 30 years. As an Alabama native, I can assure the Oklahoma coach that this comment will not be taken lightly or forgotten.

Putting that aside, Stoops did get a front-row look at Oklahoma State making its BCS case, and apparently came away impressed. Let the politicking begin.